EUROF-TUI PS Europe Invitation for Online Discussion of Health Trade Unions


Online Discussion of Health Trade Unions Healthcare workers in the First Line of the Struggle for Exclusively Public Free Health

In recent months, we have experienced an unprecedented situation throughout Europe. The pandemic of the Coronavirus brought to the fore doctors, nurses, health workers. All of them were fighting with death every day. At the same time, however, they were fighting the  shortages, the gaps and the problems that have been created in Public Health, in Public Hospitals, by the privatization policies, the policies that turn the patient into a customer and the health into a commercial product.

The consequences of the privatization of Health were most dramatically shown in the mass graves of the thousands who died in the United States, where we counted most of the victims among the health workers. While thousands of colleagues across Europe were driven themselves to exhaustion by working tirelessly, with heroism, but in hospitals without enough staff, without enough beds, without even the necessary means of protection. The image of the doctors who fought against the pandemic while wearing garbage bags is the image of the privatization of Health sector. The lives of doctors, nurses, workers, are thrown in the garbage, for the profits of the big business groups of Health.

This situation in recent months has highlighted the need to strengthen the fight for Exclusively Public Free Health for all people in every country across Europe. It is necessary to take steps and strengthen the common struggle and common initiatives for the life and health of the peoples of Europe.

The European Regional Office of the WFTU and the TUI Public Services Europe of the WFTU are inviting to the Online Discussion of Trade Unions of Employees, Nurses and Doctors in Public and Private Health of Europe on the subject

We are strengthening the Common Struggle for Exclusively Public Free Health

The discussion will take place on Thursday, July 16

11.00 in the morning (Paris time)

12.00 (Athens time)

11.00 (Madrid time)

Applications of Participation and Information are available through email European Regional Office of the WFTU: [email protected]

TUI Public Services Europe: [email protected]