European Regional Office of WFTU Solidarity Message for the 14th of December Day of Action in France.

On behalf of the European Regional Office of WFTU we express our class solidarity to the Day of Action, which will be organized in France on the 14th of December against the anti-labour policies of the French government and the European Union.

We salute the actions and struggles carried out, in the last weeks, by the French workers and people who strongly reacted with determination against the anti-social and anti-popular measures of Macron government.

We join our voice with the working class of France and we support the demands for an immediate increase in wages, pensions, social protection and repeal of laws which will bring social destruction.  In front of the attacks of capitalist and the European Union against working people it is crucial that the class labour movement intensify the class struggles
while making clear that the claims and demands   are not by no means those of extreme right . We condemn the violent attacks of the police against the protesters and the curbing of trade union rights.  We assure the French working people and especially the forces affiliated to WFTU that we are in solidarity with their struggles and wish every success in the action day.