European Regional Office of WFTU solidarity message with the French workers’ demonstration called on the 17th of October in Paris

The European Regional Office of WFTU expresses its class solidarity with the demonstration of the French working class which will take place on the 17th of October in Paris with the Unions members of WFTU in the frontline.

From the first days of the spread of the pandemic up to the present day violations of workers’ rights,  restrictions on trade union rights and freedoms by governments and employers have not stopped and thousands of layoffs have taken place.  COVID-19 exposed the effects of under-funding and lack of resources of Public Services, in particular health services as well as the deterioration of working conditions, careers and wages. The big capital take advantage of the situation created by the pandemic in order to generalize the attacks, leaving untouched or increasing its profits and the concentration of wealth.Still governments and businesses have been imposing forms of employment like teleworking, forced vacations, deregulation of working hours and functional content, cuts in wages and non-compliance with health and safety rules at work.

The policies promoted by the European Union, intensify exploitation of the working people and multiply the profits of the big capital, while millions of people are forced to live in poverty.

The mobilization of the French working class against the government’s anti-labor policies and for jobs and dignity, reveal in the most characteristic way that the attack on the rights of the working class is not a matter that concerns only France, but represents a general attack across Europe. The answer is the expression of solidarity and the intensification of the struggles.

On behalf of the European Regional Office of the WFTU we assure the French working class and especially the forces affiliated to WFTU that we stand on your  side. We want to underline the strength and determination shown by the workers in many countries across Europe. Facing the attack on its rights and interests and the strategy of fear and resignation nourished by big capital with organization and mobilization of mass struggle is a clear and precious sign of hope and confidence for the future of each and all components of the working class.

The European Regional Office of WFTU.