European Regional Office of WFTU solidarity message with the general strike in the Basque country

The European Regional Office of WFU expresses its solidarity with the general strike on the 30th of January in the Basque country which has been called by the Social Rights Movement under the slogan Decent job, pension, life. Among the organizations calling the strike is LAB affiliated member to WFTU.

The hard anti-labor policies imposed by the European Union policies have as a target to dismantle collective agreements and deregulate labour relations, privatize social goods like social security, abolish social benefits and rights.

These policies in fact intensified the exploitation of the working class, while millions of people, especially the pensioners across Europe are forced to live in poverty.

It is not a coincidence that these days working people in France and in Greece are also struggling   against the reforms in the pension system.

The answer to the tough anti-popular policies being promoted by the EU is the organization of struggles and mobilizations.

We stand on your side and we fully support your demands for decent job, life and pension.

We call all organizations to express their solidarity.


The European Regional Office WFTU