European Regional Office of WFTU Solidarity Message with the strike of LARCO Metal Workers in Greece

The European Regional Office of WFTU expresses  solidarity  with  the 1200 metalworkers of the company LARCO in Greece and  their new strike on May 21st with the objective  to keep the factory open and keep their jobs.

We demand from the Greek state, which is the main owner-shareholder of the company, to immediately withdraw the  law that voted in February and stop  the privatization of the company while taking advantage of the pandemic, and to stop  the  anti-workers’ measures and   new attack with dismissals, wage cuts, etc.

The European Union the big capital and the governments have exploited the conditions created by the pandemic to attack on working people’s rights with the main objective of maximizing their profits.

The current situation highlights the need to intensify the struggles against the attacks waged by capital and the need for solidarity.

The European Regional Office stands on the side of the 1200 workers in LARCO and fully supports their fair demands:

  1. No dismissal, cancellation of wage cuts and recruitment of all LARCO workers from the contractors without any segregation.
  2. Withdraw the law that privatizes LARCO. Stop privatization and put the factory and all the mines in full operation.


We assure the workers of LARCO that they are not alone.