European Regional Office of WFTU Solidarity Message with USB Italy and the national strike on 25th of November

On behalf of the European Regional Office- WFTU we express our class solidarity with USB and the workers in the sectors of Health, Transport, Schools and the Educational Services on  the general strike called on the 25th of November.

Today the Italian people and workers are paying the results of the antipeoples’ –antilabor policies imposed by the Italian government and the European Union, especially in the health sector. 

The state of emergency in the public health sector underlines the importance and role of the essential public services and its workers as well as the failure of the process of privatizations.

On the other hand, the big businesses continues to multiply its profits without taking adequate protection measures for the workers and their health. The workplaces and the mass transport system where no protection measures are taken,  have turned into spreading grounds for the virus. 

Under these conditions working people’s class struggles and mobilizations is the only way to defend their rights and fight for a different course.

We express our full solidarity with the demands of the strike for massive screening tests, health and safety measures at work for the protection of workers life, measures for secure public transport, decent income for all.

We assure USB and the workers of Italy that we stand on their side in solidarity with their struggle and their demands.