European Regional Office of WFTU solidarity with PAME – 17th of November

The European Regional Office of WFTU expresses its class solidarity with PAME and condemns the violence exercised by the Greek police against PAME trade unionists and demonstrators who were taking part in the demonstration to honor 17 November 1973 students uprising against the dictatorship, a symbol of the struggle against fascism and imperialism.

While the demonstration was organized with all public health protection measures, the police forces violently attacked with tear gas and chemicals the protesting workers, students and pensioners without any provocation and arrested members of PAME. 

The use of any health protection measures against the pandemic as a pretext to violate democratic freedoms and rights of the workers is both unacceptable.

We reiterate  our solidarity with the struggles of PAME and the working people in Greece for protective measures be taken to support the public health system and for the support of the  working people in view of the new crisis and we demand the respect of democratic and trade union rights and freedoms.