European Regional Office of WFTU statement denounces ultra-right attacks on refugees and immigrants on the island of Mitilini , Greece

24 April 2018

The European Regional Office of the WFTU condemns the organized attack carried out by ultra-right and fascist groups against refugees and immigrants on the Greek island of Mitilini yesterday morning. The way in which the far-right fascist groups have acted reveals that the attack was planned beforehand.

The aggression of imperialism and the capitalist crisis are uprooting millions of people from the countries of Africa and the Middle East in search of a better life

The duty of the class-based trade union movement in Europe is to express its solidarity with refugees and immigrants and to fight against the policies and hypocrisy of a capitalist Europe that treats them as invaders and criminals and to fight for measures and the creation of infrastructures for refugees

The European Union has enormous responsibilities for the turning of millions of people into refugees because, together with the US and NATO, it supports or participates in the waging of wars and interventions that have led to destabilization in the Middle East and North Africa.

The working class and the peoples must intensify their actions against imperialist barbarism, demand the end of the imperialist wars and the dissolution of NATO, which is the cause of the suffering of the peoples.

We must also intensify our solidarity and fight against the actions of the ultra-right fascist groups that are cultivating racism and xenophobia, which gives the possibility to capital to intensify exploitation to the detriment of the working people.

With our struggles we are asserting a peaceful world and a society of justice without exploitation, poverty, wars and refugees.