European Regional Office WFTU solidarity message with Venezuela

On behalf of the European class oriented trade union movement, EUROF denounces the attempt of a coup d’etat in Venezuela, against the legitimate government of Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

We denounce and condemn  the self-proclamation of a so-called interim President, with the support of the USA and the EU. This is another piece of the aggression against the Venezuelan people that has included economic and diplomatic boycott, terrorist actions, sanctions and threats of military intervention by the USA-EU.

What we are witnessing is the Venezuelan oligarchy, the USA and the EU trying to take control of the immense natural resources of this country, particularly its oil.

In view of these developments, we declare:

1. Our full solidarity with the Venezualan people, with the working class and the WFTU affiliated organizations.

2. We condemn the plans of the imperialists and we state  very loud and clear that the problems have to be resolved by the Venezuelan people.  We do not accept any foreign interference with the objective of destabilizing economically, politically and socially this Latin American country. The USA  and the European Union, highest exponents of the international imperialism, must take their hands off and leave their people in peace, to choose their own path and their own future.