Message of the European Regional Office of WFTU about the Action Day on Health Care

The European Regional Office of the WFTU fully supports the Action Day on Health Care on the 7th of April.

The consequences of the pandemic corona virus is enormous in all countries and demonstrate the tragic results of the antilabor policies imposed by the European Union and the governments, especially in the public health sector. These policies have undermined the public health system and put into danger the lives of the workers and the peoples. The privatization of public health, the lack in infrastructure, the cuts and the understaffing of the state hospitals have led to catastrophe and the loss of thousands of people. 

Their main objective through these policies is  to secure and multiply the profits of the multinationals at the expense of the health and the lives of the workers. 

International solidarity and the intensification of the struggle against the policies of EU and the governments demanding the protection of health safety and life of people will be our answer.

Within this framework we assure the health workers in Greece and al over Europe that we stand on their side and we fully support their struggle. 


We Break the Silence!

Masked mouths still have Voice!

Healthcare is not a commodity!