Message of the European Regional Office of WFTU on International Women’s Day, 8th of March 2020

The European Regional Office of WFTU on the occasion of the 8th March International Women’s Day, addresses a militant greeting to all working women in Europe struggling to support their families.

Solidarity message we address to refugee women and immigrants who were forced to leave their countries as a result of imperialist wars and poverty.

Today, 163 years after the uprising of the pioneer women workers in New York, who went out in the streets against the inhuman conditions of work and exploitation, their struggle is a shining beacon for millions of working women fighting for equality and dignity in life and work.

In Europe the hard anti-social policies imposed by the European Union and governments are hurting all working people, but especially women who are suffering from the growing attacks on their rights. They face serious discrimination in the labour market, social security, and are working flexible forms of employment, becoming victims of violence.

Today 9 millions of women in the European Union are forced to work part-time jobs because they cannot find a permanent job. Women in the European Union are on a higher risk of poverty as their salaries are lower with 16% and the gap in pensions between men and women is up to 35% for men.

For the WFTU celebrating in 2020 its 75th year anniversary, the struggle for equality and social justice for all people, is always a main objective.

The European Regional Office of WFTU assures working women, migrant women and unemployed women, that , within the framework of the principles followed by the WFTU during its 75 years, will continue to support the struggles against the anti-social policies imposed by the EU, for equality, work with rights, for the protection of maternity, and the elimination of all forms of violence against women.