Teleworking – the role of young workers against modern forms of flexible working

On the 5th of  March, the European Regional Office of the World Trade Union Federation organised a web- seminar under the title “Teleworking – the role of young workers against modern forms of flexible working”.

The seminar was attended by trade union cadres and young workers representing trade unions from Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Italy, France, Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria.

The main rapporteur of the seminar was the Deputy General Secretary of PEO Cyprus Sotiroula Charalambous.

The participants in the seminar conveyed the experience of their countries and the negative impact of the implementation of teleworking, particularly with regard to young workers. As it was mentioned the first victims of the capitalist crisis, of unemployment and flexible forms of employment are young people. At the same time, all participants stressed the importance of coordinating the action and struggles of the   workers and the class trade union movement against the neoliberal policies promoted by the European Union of the deregulation of industrial relations.

The video is available on  European Regional Office – WFTU | Facebook