Thousands Demonstrated With PAME on Saturday

Thousands of workers, unemployed, self-employed, farmers, women and young

people participated in the massive and militant rallies organized by PAME in

Thessaloniki on Saturday afternoon, under the slogan “Their development means

NATO – Poverty – Wars. We put forward our own needs. ”


The protesters responded to the intensity of exploitation, the government’s mockery

of “exiting from memoranda”, as the anti-people’s attack escalates and the country’s

involvement in American-NATO plans deepens, with enormous dangers for the



With their massive participation, the thousands of demonstrators from Thessaloniki

and the surrounding regions also responded to the climate of intimidation and

provocation that had been cultivated all past days.


After the successful PAME rally in Thessaloniki, the class unions prepare new

demonstrations for Thursday, September 13 in Athens and other cities


Greece, Athens September 10, 2018