WFTU Call for the International Action Day 2018: “Ensure social security and free healthcare for all”

28 Sep 2018

The WFTU is celebrating its foundation day and International Action day of October 3rd, 2018 by dedicating this day to the modern demand for social security. The WFTU Secretariat calls the trade unions in all countries to organize activities, strikes, demonstrations and other activities to honor the 2018 International Action Day under the main slogan: “Ensure social security and free healthcare for all” side by side with all the other demands of the class-oriented trade union movement in every country of the world. The international working class is joining its voices to the slogans: Public Social Security and free healthcare for all, Working week of 35 hours – 7 hours a day – 5 days a week, Collective bargaining, Trade union and democratic freedoms, Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Social Security and healthcare are issues that can unite workers all over the world, in order to organize under the banners, the slogans and the principles of the WFTU various militant activities with the aim to mobilize the workers. The mobilizations and activities will demand Social Security and healthcare, stable jobs for all, the elimination of the causes that generate the privatizations in healthcare and cuts in social security, measures for the protection of the unemployed.

There is no reason why there should be poverty, imperialist wars, destruction of the environment, capitalist exploitation, privatization of the public property and resources, dismantlement of hospitals and educational system other than the ruthless greed of few capitalists for profit and the mechanisms and states that support them by causing suffering, shortages, high prices and environmental pollution. The issue is timely and crucial. In many countries considerable debates take place on Social Security. Almost all governments both the neo-conservative and the social-democrat ones adopt many tough, anti-labor decisions. So the class-oriented trade union movement around the world has to be coordinated and act for the interests of the working class. The class-oriented trade union movement and its proposals may provide an alternative way out, the other solution, the other course.

On 3 October 2018 in every country we march to ensure social security and free healthcare for all. We fight for our rights! Organize in your respective country the activity of your choice and join the international working class struggle!